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World class – hand-crafted in Germany since 1890

The chairs and tables from Lucas Schnaidt are status symbols, emblematic of prestige and expressions of hedonism. Founded in 1890, the Württemberg-based manufacturer Lucas Schnaidt is one of the oldest and most respected furniture manufacturers, thanks to its long-standing reputation for innovation. Its exclusive chairs and tables have always been in a league of their own. They are held in high regard by discerning customers around the world for their aesthetics, comfort, quality and sustainability.

Unique design

We create iconic, timeless masterpieces; functional masterpieces from the world’s most renowned designers: Sustainable tables and chairs. These unique designs were created by Peter Zumthor and Frei Otto – both of whom are winners of the renowned Pritzker Prize, which is recognised around the world as the most important award for architectural achievement, considered the Nobel Prize of Architecture. Karl Friedrich Schinkel was a pioneer of modern architecture, whose works continue to influence generations of architects to this day. The newest designs were created by Simon Husslein, winner of numerous international design awards.

Excellent craftsmanship

Our high-quality, exclusive tables and chairs are individually made in Germany with the highest craftsmanship, which makes them a desirable but scarce commodity. Explore the tireless attention to detail, the incomparable precision combined with the wonderful fusion of timeless style, fine materials, exceptional functionality and outstanding comfort: Lucas Schnaidt’s valuable, cultural heritage from over 130 years.

Eco-friendly and sustainable – true luxury

The furniture manufacturer Lucas Schnaidt adopts a clear stance: the brand consistently stands for sustainable and eco-friendly furniture. Fine, renewable, eco-friendly materials from nature form the basis of our craft. That is how we mastered this niche market: consistently turning natural, renewable raw materials of the highest quality into unique creations, we offer true luxury for the most discerning of customers.

Solid wood sourced locally – oak, walnut and pear wood – oiled and waxed

We process fine, indigenous solid wood from Germany, sometimes sourced from the nature park. The trees are felled in the winter during the favourable phases of the lunar cycle. We place great importance on the careful harvesting of this precious resource. Furniture made of oak, walnut and pear wood, and carrying the trees’ auras, emit nothing but beauty: mesmerising grains, velvety soft surfaces and warm tones. We also apply our ecological competence when treating surfaces as we do not use any chemicals. Instead, we use plant-based oils and waxes to finish the look and feel of the wooden parts.

Upholstered with natural rubber

We only use rubber, coconut, jute and bamboo for upholstering our chairs – benefiting from all their superior, natural properties. The cultivation, harvesting and processing of these materials comply with the highest social and ecological standards, and they have been certified and awarded accordingly. As a rule, we do not use synthetic materials. We opt for natural rubber and natural coconut instead of foam, jute instead of plastic and bamboo wadding instead of synthetic fleece. By using natural, renewable materials, our pioneering work paves the way for an eco-friendly and sustainable culture, and combines these values with uncompromising quality, in every respect.

No-sag spring unit supports the spine – comfortable and healthy

Lucas Schnaidt is the only manufacturer to fit no-sag spring units into each and every one of their upholstered chairs, which is why they are always remembered for their exceptional seating comfort. This is because the no-sag springs are bent in a specific way. Not only does the no-sag spring unit ensure an exceptionally comfortable sitting experience, it also supports your spine and prevents it remaining fixed in one position. Furthermore, the high-quality no-sag spring unit is assembled by hand and is extremely resistant, which makes it very durable. Upholstered chairs from Lucas Schnaidt are – for all their elegance and comfort – also healthy chairs.

Luxurious fabrics or vegetable-tanned leather

Our upholstery fabrics are luxurious DEDAR textiles made from 100% linen or 100% cotton. Our finest genuine leather is sourced from livestock in southern Germany reared demonstrably in accordance with animal welfare standards. The leather is tanned using vegetable tannins, completely free from harmful substances, preferentially with the recently developed and patented olive leaf tanning technique. This creates a beautiful, healthy leather with a unique look that is soft and warm to the touch.

My Lucas Schnaidt – maximum individuality

The carefully curated tables and chairs from Lucas Schnaidt Möbelmanufaktur evoke some extraordinary emotions.

We will also gladly help should you wish to add a personal touch to your new furniture. We offer a selection of special features that we can apply exclusively for you.

At our gallery in Murr, Germany, you can browse through a portfolio of other types of leather, fabrics, yarns, woods and colours, which are available for certain models. And our master craftsmen are ready to emboss or embroider your insignia, monogram and/or coat of arms on your exclusive furniture. Would you like to have a personal emblem or ornament on the chairs and your new table?

We would be happy to welcome and advise you personally.

Our exclusive chairs and tables are held in high regard by discerning customers around the world for their aesthetics, comfort, quality and sustainability.
Our list also includes buildings open to the public.

Bellevue Palace, official seat and residence of the President of the Federal Republic, Berlin, Germany

Villa Hammerschmidt, official seat and residence of the President of the Federal Republic, Bonn, Germany

Kanzlerbungalow (the Chancellor’s bungalow), Bonn, Germany

Kunsthaus Bregenz, Bregenz, Austria

Bundeshaus Bern, Parliament Building, Bern, Switzerland

Secular Retreat, Living Architecture, Alain de Botton, Devon, England

Palace of International Forums «Uzbekistan», Taschkent, Uzbekistan

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